Approximately 11% of Irish people get their water from private wells. Grants are available under the Rural Water Programme for the provision of or improvements to an individual water supply in a house.


Individual Water Supply Grant Scheme


  • Under this scheme, if your house is more than 7 years old and not connected to either a public or group scheme, you may be eligible for a grant, (subject to some conditions).


  • The grant is subject to a maximum of 2,031.58 euro (or 75% of cost of the work, whichever is the lesser) and must be used for the provision of a new water supply or the upgrading of an existing one.


  • Only one grant per house will be allowed in any 10-year period and to qualify for the grant, the work you propose must cost more than € 635 euro.


  • A local authority inspection will be carried out before any work starts.


  • The kind of work that would be eligible for the grant is the provision of essential pumping or water filtration/disinfection equipment.


If you wish to find out more information about the WG1 application form, the conditions under which the grants are approved and assistance in processing your application please feel free to get in touch.