Fitting a water softener will reduce scale or hardness giving you all the benefits of soft water. Scale builds up in pipes, boilers, washing machines and dishwashers. Fitting a water softener removes this scale, saving money, lengthening the life of equipment, reducing scale deposits around showers and taps, making laundry feel softer and reducing the use of detergents and other chemicals.

Longer lasting appliances

  • With no hard water running through your appliances there will be no scale
  • Scale can fur up heating elements
  • Appliances will become more efficient and last longer


It isn’t always noticeable, but scale build up over time on appliances can impact the way they work and how long they last. From kettles to boilers, hard water runs through them and scales them up over time.

An Energy Savings Study by Battelle looked at the benefits of softened water and the Water Quality Research Foundation found that a water softener is “the best energy saving device you can buy”.


In hard water a shower head can completely plug itself with limescale in 16 months, making it unusable, while faucets can become blocked after just 19 days. The findings found that all appliances were visually heavily affected by limescale, which has a huge impact on cleaning time and costs.

A water softener will dissolve existing scale over time and stop any future build up. You will see scale disappear from your kettle six weeks after your water softener is installed and after two years it will disappear from your pipes.


Cheaper bills


  • Pipes descale over time making your hot water system more efficient
  • You will use fewer products throughout the home, saving money
  • Household appliances last longer

With softened water, pipes will descale over time and your whole heating system will become more efficient, meaning you save money in the long run.



When hard water is heated up it forms scale around the heat source. The most obvious place for this scale build up is in the kettle, where you can actually see the white residue furring up the heating element. Now, this happening inside your hot water system. You can’t see it, and you definitely can’t clean it easily.

Scale is a fantastic insulator. The thick layer of scale needs to be heated before the water, using more energy and resulting in higher gas and electricity consumption. Once a heat source is scaled up it can’t work as efficiently. The more water you heat, the more scale you produce and more energy is required - it is a vicious cycle.

Softened water will return your heating elements to full working efficiency, keeping them that way for good. Reducing the amount of energy reduces the amount of money you spend on fuel bills, with a huge cost saving.



Shinier home

  • Less limescale on kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  • No residue left behind on glassware and crockery
  • Cleaning time around the home will be reduced

The introduction of softened water will make scale disappear to uncover beautiful surfaces that look brand new. Cleaning times will be reduced, meaning you can spend more time doing the things you love.

With a water softener you will notice that your home stays cleaner for longer. So little limescale, so much time.

Your bathroom, kitchen and all their surfaces won’t need as much cleaning and they will look shinier for longer. No more clogged up shower head, limescale around the sink, scum in the bath or residue on your shower screen.

Those cleaning products you used for getting rid of limescale will be of no use, while dishes and glasses will sparkle more than before, with even less elbow grease. Softened water doesn’t leave a streaky residue behind, so it’s great for rinsing with as it produces much more of a lather. More lather means more bubbles, more of a solution to wash with and a more effective clean.


Glossier hair

  • Need a lifetime solution to bad hair days?
  • Softened water lathers better with products
  • Your hair will be softer, shinier and more manageable

Make those lavish shampoos last longer with a lifetime solution to bad hair days. Products in softened water lather better to make your hair softer, shinier and more manageable.

Good and bad hair days, everyone experiences them. Do you find that your hair behaves better when you are staying at a hotel or away from home? It is likely you are using softened water, and your hair is experiencing absolute luxury.

Softened water makes it softer, shiner and more manageable. Hard water dries out your hair because shampoos don’t mix as well with the minerals.

Experience more bubbles when washing your hair, with less products. More lather means products, such as wax and hairspray, are washed out easier so your scalp won’t become clogged. The expensive products you buy to try and counter the effects of hard water will become unnecessary with a water softener.

If you are looking for a fix to your dry, greasy and limp hair then a water softener could be for you.



Softer skin

  • More lather means you can use fewer abrasive products on skin
  • Simple soaps produce as much lather as bubble baths
  • There is no residue left on the skin

Help keep your skin in tip-top condition by soothing it with softened water. You can see improvements in dry skin conditions, such as eczema.

What if the water you use everyday could look after your skin without the need for products?

If you don’t get a lovely lather with shower gel and soaps, it’s because the minerals in hard water don’t mix as well with the products you use. You will end up using more to compensate. As well as being costly, this can irritate skin further, especially if you suffer from eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis.The residue left behind by the minerals can cause irritation, clog pores and contribute to itchy, dry skin. This can be especially problematic for those with sensitive skin.

The introduction of softened water can improve these conditions, as it is doesn’t contain as many minerals. You will notice that because products lather better and rinse off easier, your skin will feel silky smooth.

Bigger bubble baths

  • Products lather better
  • Less scum means more bubbles
  • Use fewer products and save money


With softened water, all products will lather better, which results in glorious bubbles from your basin to your bubble bath. Enjoy even more bubbles, with even less product.

Those bubbles you see in the adverts seem impossible to achieve. Are you forever pouring bubble bath into the running tap and not getting anywhere close?

Whether you want to relax with candles or give the kids some bubbles to bathe in, no amount of product will give you the lather you desire in hard water. The minerals just don’t lend themselves to creating beautiful bubbles.

A water softener will give you bountiful bubbles to play with, experience an endless supply in your bath, washing up bowl and sink.


Softened water doesn’t have the minerals that reduce lather, so you are left with lovely light soapy bubbles and you will use even less product, so make those baths more than just a treat.